Synergy Sounds Radio supports the amazing talents of Music Radio Creative who have produced the core elements of our station imaging and DJ drops. 


Final production could not have been possible without this amazing team. Click the links opposite to access some of their freebies - just tell them Piper @ Synergy Sounds Radio sent you. 

For streaming, the station uses Virtual DJ 5 Pro and Serato Pro DJ feeding into a 24/7 feed from Mixstream. Artemis is the autodj from using uninterrupted streaming with live stream cut in and transitioning. We use Shoutcast v2.5 encoding for the best sound quality. 

 Freebie DJ Tools

From Music Radio Creative

free-radio-jingles - Copy.png
free-dj-drops - Copy.png

We use Roland mixer controllers and Serato Pro DJ and Serato Studio software for mixing and sound editing. Audacity editing software is used for inhouse drops and imaging

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