Okay.. so now this is your chance to tell us which songs you love and want us to play for you...

Read the questions below, then pick 20 to answer.. Once you have given it some thought, answer the questions and send your list to us... you can order them into your own TOP 20 List

Its that simple.. just email us with your list of songs and tell us which song matches which question... scottish.piper@hotmail.co.uk

1. Song with a colour in the title
2. Song that reminds you of Summer
3. Song about romance
4. Song from your pre-teen years
5. Song from the year you were born
6. Song that needs to be played loud
7. Song to drive to
8. Song you never get tired of hearing
9. Song that was covered and is better than the original
10. Song by an artist thats no longer alive
11. Song you would sing in a Karaoke
12. Song by a band you wished were still together
13. Song with a persons name in the title
14. Song thats a guilty pleasure
15. Song from the 1st album you bought
16. Song that everyone should know but doesn't
17. Song about your favourite place
18. Song thats clothes related
19. Song about fear
20. Song from your favourite film
21. Song thats about drinking
22. Song about Animals
23. Song about a mythical creature
24. Song from your first kiss
25. Song about heaven/hell
26. Song about war (Any type of war)
27. Song thats related to your job
28. Song that was covered, but isn’t as good as the original
29. Song that has your favourite word in it.
30. Song about food

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