Synergy Sounds Radio is keen to hear from anyone with an interest in joining this small station. Experience is always good but we can help train you as a fledgling DJ.. we all start somewhere, right?

If the image of a all singing, all dancing club DJ with mixer decks and complex set up scares you.. we are not surprised. DJing is an artform and skill set many master and many get so wrong 

Club and event DJing does need large rigs with decks, mixers, amps, speakers, lighting and much more... but home DJing is much less complicated. 


What you need is a PC or Laptop, a reliable internet connection, some broadcast software such as VDJ or SAMs, a stream to broadcast to for listeners, and music of your choice to feed your shows.  

We can provide the basic broadcast tools and provide access to our 24/7 broadcasting stream. 

Slots generally cover 1 or 2 hours for your own sanity as well as the listeners. However, we also offer longer slots those who wish to feature themed events or celebration days. 

Contact: with a brief summary of your experience and music preferences. Send a 20 - 30 second sample of your work if possible. 

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